Thursday, February 04, 2010

Counting down

In 100 days, I will no longer have a fiance ... I'll have a husband! This counting down business seems like its been going on forever! We did recently pass the point where we've been engaged for longer than we were dating. We've also been long distance for more time than we've been together in the same place. It has been good though to have time alone to learn how to balance school and normal life, and I imagine that if my 1st year of grad school and my 1st year of marriage would have aligned, either one or the other would have severely lacked attention.

Today I woke up and it is white outside again. Although earlier this week I testified that I am DONE WITH WINTER, I couldn't help catching my breath in excitement when I saw the branches outside my window piled with snow again this morning. Then I realized that I'll have to clean my car off before I go anywhere today.

1 comment:

  1. Cool! Each day might seem long, but 100 will fly by in no time. Then you can start counting up for all the days/weeks/years you will be together . . . forever. Nice pic. Love, Mom


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