Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heather Vroom, SPT

My first clinical rotation has been part vacation, part work. Lake Havasu City is hot during the day and at night usually cools off to somewhere in the 90's. I've been working at the hospital, which is close enough to walk to. Usually we're in the inpatient rehab section with patients who have had strokes or had joints replaced. It's been surprising to me to realize how much I've already learned in classes, and also how much I've already forgotten. Although things are a little tense with my supervising therapist, the whole experience makes me look forward to graduation and getting a job! No homework! No stress! Free time!

Regarding free time: if living in a hotel for three weeks sounds cool to you, let me burst your bubble. It's not that cool. Turns out that the pool gets hot from all the daytime sun, the exercise room is actually outdoors in a tent (did I mention it's usually around 110?) and all the machines are broken, and the meager continental breakfast begins after I leave for work. Furthermore, I am never eating another microwave meal as long as I live.

During my first two weeks here, another student from California (Mark) was with the same therapist as I was, so we hung out a lot. There are some cool places down by the lake, and of course the London Bridge. One day we rented a jetski, but I think my favorite was when we drove out of the city and around the south end of the lake. The water looks like it doesn't belong against the red desert surrounding it, and the lake just glittered with the sun going down over it. When it got dark, STARS! incredible.

Anyway, third week = drag. All of our patients went home, so they closed down the rehab unit. Mark is gone, so there's nobody to joke around with at work. And I have to walk everywhere. Sometimes at night I realize I haven't talked for a few hours. I feel compelled to leave the TV's turned on so there is noise. I went running a few times, which was no fun due to all the heat and no grass. I'm really looking forward to coming home :)

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