Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day Off

There is a wonderful blip at the beginning of the semester when school is not work. Nothing is due, nothing is demanding to be learned, and no classmates have turned neurotic or annoying. Yet. Combined with the arrival of fall weather, these few days are pure refreshment! In some of my free time, I opened my "More With Less" cookbook to the page on English muffins. I'm not sure I'd even eaten an English muffin before, but Jon said he likes them. Given the rate he plows through breakfast food, I thought this an appropriate venture.
Step 1: Let it puff up
Step 2 : Punch out biscuits
Step 3 : Cover in cornmeal

Step 4 : Rise

Finally : Eat!
Several hours later, still in my pajamas, the kitchen was filled with smoky hot-oil haze, smelled like fried flour, and looked like a bakery explosion survivor (note all the pans, utensils, and flour featured in the pictures. multiply by 2 or 3). Naturally, the maintenance man chose this moment to show up at the door.

The beginning-of-semester blip is over, and all the english muffins have been eaten. I've been up late for the past few nights studying for quizzes and tests. I remember reading through the Bible in a year once. That no longer seems like such an accomplishment after reading about that many pages in the past 2 weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Your pictures make this look fun and delicious. Maybe when my house isn't a half-packed disaster I will make these.


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