Friday, January 07, 2011


It's my week off! I've been at home in the apartment this week while Jon is working. My week has consisted of pretty unremarkable activities: Mint chocolate chip cookies. Returning christmas presents that didn't fit. A few bushels of laundry. Buying textbooks before classes start again on Monday. Battling the blue screen of death. I always get nervous when it says "physical memory dump complete." ??????

I have also spent a considerable amount of time creating an online scrapbook for 2010 using Before this experience, I thought that regular scrapbooking was something I'd like to get into. It's cute, you can do it with friends, and it makes you an even easier person to shop for at Christmas. However, it's also expensive, messy, and requires vast amounts of time, creativity, and storage space. Mixbook has cured me of any desire to start such a demanding hobby; online scrapbooking is so clearly superior that I will probably never wander into a scrapbooking aisle again. It includes so many options that you can build whatever page you like. If you're feeling creative, go at it; if you're feeling uninspired... aka lazy... pick one of their hundreds of premade pages.

I started sorting through pictures on my computer and was slightly horrified to discover that between January and May, I only took 5 pictures. Looking back on my blog I confirmed that yes, nothing happened during those months. (Actually, neuroanatomy + wedding planning happened). I had a brief moment bemoaning my pathetic life, got over it, and proceeded to lose myself in a wonderful array of backgrounds, layouts, fonts, stickers, and effects.

As for 2011, I haven't taken any pictures yet. I'll get around to that before May.

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