Thursday, October 04, 2012

One Month of Less: Day 4: Stop Coloring My Hair

I only get my hair cut about 3 times a year, partly because I am too busy/too lazy to get around to making an appointment, and partly because I am consistantly horrified by how expensive it is. In the town where I grew up, I could get my hair cut for less than $20. Then I moved away ... to the real world ... and started coloring my hair ... ended up paying over $100 every time. And I'm not going fancy places! I just have a lot of hair!

My natural color is in between -- not blonde and not brown. I like to change it up, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker. I had a hair appointment today, and the plan was to get my hair cut and colored dark brown. My tan is gone, and I miss wearing yellow, fall is coming...


Or This:

Or This:

Pretty pretty pretty. Okay, got that out of my system.

Besides being a lot of money, the chemicals tend to irritate my scalp, and I usually don't even like how the color turns out (no matter how many pictures I bring along). So for now, I'm staying the way I am!

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