Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Green Smoothie Cups

I can't handle saving things. One of my favorite possessions is the paper shredder. I don't keep cool whip bowls or mismatched socks or Christmas cards or shampoo from hotels or my old tax returns. ... You're supposed to save those for 7 years? Just kidding about the taxes.

I am, however, a compulsive food stockpiler. Jon is always concerned that I am buying more barbecue sauce or olive oil ... I like to have a few lined up on the shelf. I don't have an offsite underground bunker or anything, but I frequently wish for a deep freeze and a walk in pantry stocked with home-canned jams and fillings and tomato sauces. And obviously the deep freeze is filled with frozen meals.

Lately I've been freezing up a stash of these green smoothie cups:

It's a great way to use up produce I have on hand that we can't eat before it goes bad. It's a smoothie, so the ingredient list is pretty flexible. Just remember, green and red make brown.

Lately I've liked:

Kale (2-4 cups)
Bananas (1-2)
Lemon Juice (~1 T)
Peaches (1-2)

Blend until smooth and pour into muffin tins or ice cube trays to freeze. It's a little tough to get these back OUT of the muffin tin if you freeze them all the way. I have the best luck when I wait until the cups are JUST frozen and then pop them out with a knife or small spatula. If you have a silicone muffin pan, you are in luck!

I keep a bag of the smoothie cups in the freezer so I have some breakfast options on the mornings when I really needed to go to the store 3 days ago. Just add some liquid and re-blend! Fruit juice, milk, and coconut milk all work well, or a little water if you have a really empty kitchen :)

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