Thursday, August 08, 2013

My New Bike

Earlier this summer I drove home from work, and when I opened the garage door, there was Jon with a bike! For me! 

I've been wanting a bike since we got married but we never got around to it. First we were in an apartment. After that, our Omaha neighborhood was pretty hilly and occasionally creepy. Also, it seemed like we were always buying a house or a vehicle or paying tuition.

I'm so glad Jon picked it out without me. It's a Giant. He says the guy even gave him a deal!

We've been taking advantage of the cooler-than-normal summer weather and checking out some of the local trails. I will take 70's all summer long, with a few hot days for the beach. This particular trail is my favorite, because it winds up by Lake Michigan.

I have an app on my phone called RunKeeper which tracks mileage, speed, calories, and elevation change. We're up to 95 miles since the first of July! Sure beats running.

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