Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring Break Synopsis

Spring break this year meant Canada! Staying with Karla's family was so fun--her little sisters were fun fun and I even helped out with chores. (once). There were many highlights, including eating lots of botercook (not sure how to spell that one), listening to Karla's grandparents interrogate her about the guys she's met at Dordt, playing Dutch blitz and getting sworn at in French by a 9-year-old, getting stalked by the cinnamon-roll-selling man, and going to some place called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.

The biggest excitement, however, would hands down be the trip to British Colombia on which we went skiing!!! Aaah! I had never been skiing before, so we signed up to take lessons all day and ended up with some guy from London named Simon as our teacher. He had the cutest accent, and he called me "Heath-ah."

Anyway, there were some pretty quality moments skiing. I tried to put the ski boot on the wrong foot in the rental shop, so Mr. New Zealand worker had to put them on for me. Also, I was wearing THE RED COAT, which belongs to Karla's mom--she has only worn it twice, because it is so big and so hot. Hahaha.. so I looked pretty much like a little head coming out of this massive invincible red blob. And then there was the chairlift--a complicated device, apparently. I smacked my head on some part of it and got a nice little bruising action on my skull, but KARLA had issues getting off of the chairlift. It took a few rounds for her to get off with out falling... but eventually she mastered it. And at least she never got run over.

Simon took us to the stunt slope where "if we're lucky, we might see some idiots doing tricks." We did see some snowboarders smearing themselves across some pipes sticking out of the snow, and we met someone named Matt. "Matt is from Riverdale. Matt is Single. He likes to cuddle." ....Oooooookay hi Matt. Moving on.

Oh yes, also I had an interesting little debate with Simon-- he was telling us how we had earned our glass of the wine for the night, and then he was like, wait--what's the drinking age here? I don't know simon, it's 21 where I live.
Simon: so you never drink, right?
Me: right.
Simon: riiiiiiiiiiiiight
Me: ???? What?
Simon: you've never had alcohol?
Me: no...
Simon: (very confused) are you trying to make a fool of me?
Me: no! I'm not lying
Simon: (flabberghasted) a college girl who doesn't drink???

...yeah, in the flesh.

So I made it back without stabbing myself with a ski pole and only the mild collision with the chair lift. And several stellar bruises. Denver airport was pretty boring by myself, but I had a mocha frappe, and that pretty much took away all the pain. So now I'm back at Dordt... studying for chemistry and eating chocolate. Life has resumed.

Pictures will come--they're on my sister's computer... something demented happened that I have to figure out though. I think I have a pretty good one of Karla's toque tan hehehehe


  1. yeah for Simon the Ski teacher!!! i love you Heather... here's a comment for you :)

  2. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Hello Heather!
    I loved your illistration of your little head coming out of a big red coat. It made me laugh. I'm glad you have fun... though without me:( Love YOU!

  3. So has your skiing extravaganza convinced you to live in the mountains someday and go every weekend?? It's got me hooked. My ski teacher's name was Mason and he got frustrated with me. I had a red coat too!--except I think I was identified more by my multicolored toque with the pompom on top more than the coat...and I guess I was the one falling down the mountain a lot too....

  4. I went to Canada and didn't learn to ski...but Melissa did try to fall in a frozen lake, so I figure that's plenty enough adventure. O, and we led a train of a dozen cars down a snow covered highway at 20mph. But I didn't ski.

    Word to the wise...don't play pool in the game room - the sticks will bite you...

  5. Oh Heather, I could listen to your Simon stories all day. So funny.
    Next week at this time I will be far south of here and will not be skiing.

  6. Cute guy is taken. I know it's a big disappointment. They're all over each other, at least when I see them. Just thought you might like to know :D

  7. oh, sorry. Lol, first of all, that is a really mispelled version of those wonderful Canadian hats that seem to get weird names every where else. I can't remember how to spell it right now... but that was most definatley not right.


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