Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Weekend Of Western Civ

Yes, so my weekend has been usurped by Western Civ. I am so sadly out of shape writing real papers that it is taking me forever. I thought that since Geron was gone this weekend, I would get more done... hmm.... about that.

Anyway, between all the primary sources and frustrating drafts, I did have a meaningful Easter weekend. There were definetely some frustrating church liturgy moments--I think someone else could have played for the choir instead of me--but it was so good to reflect yet again on the amazing love of Jesus!

I also got to have a sleepover with my sister, which was fun fun. Except she had to wake up for the sunrise service at 6...(just kidding Holly)

Nate and Hannah decided this weekend that they're moving to Sunnyside... which I was sort of expecting, but not really comprehending. That is a lot of hours away!! I guess that will be one more excuse to visit the Pacific Northwest--Ang, are you still going to bring me to that one mall??


  1. Ahh...Sunnyside. Friend will be so pleased...

    Good luck with Western Civ...I haven't had a real paper due since last semester :S So, I'm feeling the burn of that now that I must write my Theology paper.

    19 Days! 19 Days?

  2. oh Sunnyside. I've been there!

    So.... you know... if you're ever in the neighbourhood, come and see me!

  3. Where did you take that pictures with the bizarro pink background? Wait, I think I know.

  4. I'm mostly commenting because 'xfyweb' is pronounceable almost. And to say I'm glad you're looking for excuses to visit the Specific NW. Pacifisticly, Sunnyside.
    And also because I think you chose your Senior pictures a year too early....but that belongs with your most recent post.


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