Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What You Really Learn In College

I've been keeping a list all semester. I was going to write down one thing every day... but I didn't. Anyway, here's what I came up with:

1. Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 (learned that in HPER 10)

2. Dr. Fessler can tap dance

3. Burnt toast causes cancer

4. The pop when you sprain your ankle is a ligament snapping

5. Sudoku!

6. Mormons don't eat caffeine

7. White symbolizes sadness in Japan

8. Venus Williams' middle name is Ebony Star (?? according to Angela)

9. Sheep have 50 friends (Geron)

10. Puffer fish are poisonous, but people eat them anyway

11. One of Dr. Geels' favorite childhood activities was counting organ pipes.

12. Defenestrate means to throw out of a window

13. Still up for debate: The effect of lab glasses on perceived intelligence


  1. Okay Heather, here's my list:
    #1 that picture is altogether completely and udderly unflattering. Do you really want people to think that you're roommate actually looks like that, becuase for those of you who don't know, she doesn't.

  2. #2 I think Ebony Star was another of the useful things I've learned in the phoneroom, I think Angela must have told you something else.

  3. #3 What about the wet white T-shirt's spf being...what? 15 or something. That deserves to be up there and what about all of the fabulous pieces of insight from the box? I think you need to have a Things I learned in College: part two

  4. Hey hun! I'm glad that you're glad that I like Iowa. It's not BC but it is rather wonderful. It could handle some hills though (and there you get your ski resorts). Anyway. I Marilyn Monroe probably had a 24" waste. Is that really size 14?

    Love you!
    Come play Sims2!

  5. I love professor Geels!!!

  6. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Did y'all mean "utterly" and "waist"? I also honed my spelling skills in college.

  7. Sorry by confusing you with the anonymous comment. I just left it anonymous so that people wouldn't feel insulted when I corrected their spelling.

  8. I percieve Geron as very intelligent, but I'm not sure how much the lab glasses factor in.


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