Monday, May 08, 2006

Creative titles fail me. I love flowers.

Finally summer!! It's hard to believe that a whole year of college is over already! Especially after seeing my sister graduate. It was sort of like sitting in HPER 10 again, (yay, S101), except there was no speaker, just a screen. And I was dressed up. And there was applause involved, even if it was pretty much fruitless since they obviously couldn't hear us from the BJ Haan.

Anyway, all (okay, most) of my stuff fit back into my room. As I unpacked, I realized that I had also inherited some other objects not my own. Plants. A cow. A picture frame that is like the size of Singapore. Some other objects that I will not disclose yet... hahahahaha hopefully Geron hasn't missed them yet...

Anyway, today was my first day of work at the flower place. It was so fun!! I learned a lot about flowers and plants and making bows--harder than it should be. I haven't really done anything with arranging flowers yet, just unpacking them and cutting their stems and putting them in sleeves. And I love Gerber daisies.


  1. yeah for flowers! glad to hear work went well :) ...and that you inherited some worthwhile belongings hahahaha--who doesn't need a cow??? well, drive-in sounds like a plan--less than a month and counting... :D

  2. Hey if you're trying to ransom some of my valuables, you'll know that anything I need I can pretty much borrow from Brenna. You should see some of her adorable clothes. But don't think that you got away with anything, because you do have to live with me next year.


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