Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sweet Sweet Summer

So I keep waking up at night. What is going on??? I don't even wake up when people crawl over my face to climb down the ladder! I only even partially wake up when I smacked my face against the wall.... maybe it has something to do with the sudden return to 8 hours of sleep every night. I decided that I probably just need some background noise to fall asleep to. Maybe we can work on this soundtrack next fall:

East Hall 219: Sounds of a Dorm Room

Track 1: Popcorn popping
Track 2: Frantic paper typing. (or they could be on msn)
Track 3: Bad guitar players outside the window
Track 4: Angela laughing
Track 5: Kay belching. oh wait... I don't really want to listen to that
Track 5: Vaccuuming (so soothing)
Track 6: Blow Drying -- I think we can just plant a tape and catch that girl around 12:30
Track 7: Doorknob rattling combined with repeated knocking
Track 8: Shuffling flip-flop wearers
Track 9: Snowplow serenade-- beeping and scraping noises
Track 10: Medley of alarm clocks

I figure if I have 10 cd's, I can listen to them all at once and stagger them so I can hear all 10 tracks at once. It will be like a return to peace!! Okay, maybe that isn't the best way to describe my mental state of the past. Maybe I'll just go sleep in Holly's bed. since Gina got sent back with Geron.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Heather! I miss you! My sleep has been broken by sunburned shoulders from the beach and the fan blowing to keep the hot air moving. Oh and getting up at 7 for work.

    Oh and I was always typing papers, very rarely msn.


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