Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tulip Festival!!

And this year there were actually tulips! Wow, what fun being dutch. Actually I take that back-- you definitely don't need to be Dutch to enjoy a funnel cake. (Amanda, you could have come and we wouldn't have persecuted against your German dancing genes.)

Anyway, my sister seems to have trekked off to Colorado with the van for her friend's wedding, leaving the remainder 4 to ride around in the pickup. So we went all the way to orange city smooshed into the pickup-- sort of like having a few too many people in the loft... (oh.. sad..). It was definitely illegal, so good thing all the police were in the parade or wearing dutch hats and eating slushies, whatever police do during Tulip Festival.

ALSO of note, today I found like 40 video diaries on my computer which I didn't know were there. I watched them all, and now I have basically relived all of first semester-- allergy medication, candy necklaces, garage sales, popcorn, ...PC leaders..., and interesting parts of the venus fly trap chair. And Angela singing Elvis. It was quite the experience. I miss you girls!!


  1. I think you look different when I'm not with you (but still beautiful, of course).

  2. haha, yeah, I have to resort to taking pictures of myself with... food... instead of my roommate. I think that's a step down, but it was an excellent funnel cake

  3. heather!!! i miss u too and would have definitely have come if i would have known that my german ancestry would not have been looked down upon!!! :D :D luv and miss u TONS ...p.s. just thinking of those movies makes me happy
    p.s.s. a picture w/ u and flowers just makes me think the combination was made in heaven ;) glad the job's wonderful!


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