Friday, July 28, 2006

Good News!

Last night we went up to visit my mom. I had to work all myself... :( but my dad got to be there pretty much all day. Surgery went very well, and the good news is that there is no cancer in her lymph nodes. (yay!!!) She's on a morphine drip, so the pain is fine. Mostly she is just really tired--her iron levels in her blood were low already and then they dropped, so if they're lower tomorrow she'll probably need a blood transfusion. Thanks from her (and all of us) for all your thoughts and prayers, cards, emails, phone calls, hugs, and flowers. And! cookies and banana bread (which we brought to her but she couldn't eat, because apparently they don't classify as clear liquids.) It's okay though, because we let her smell them, and then the rest of us made faces of complete enjoyment while we ate them for her.

Happy birthday Hannah!!!!


  1. Yes! That's great! I'm glad the surgery went well and your mom is doing alright. :) Other than the complete lack of banana bread and cookies, that is. ;)

  2. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Heather! I'm so sorry to hear about your mom! We're thinking & praying for her...hope she's feeling as ok as can be expected.
    Angela K.

  3. You should have posted pictures of the faces of complete enjoyment. Oh well. I like the picture you did post!


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