Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday and cheese potatoes

Hi Nate and Hannah-- we miss you, but not your milk allergies, because we are having the delectable cheesy mashed potatoes for dinner. They are actually in the oven AS i type.

Hmm. work this weekend was really slow. As in, friday I worked from 8-5 and did nothing of any value to the business for approximately... 6 hours?? I really tried. I windexed everything in sight. And engaged in lots of other random cleaning activities, but the problem is that I had been cleaning all wEEK already because it had been slow then too... Anyway. I found a list of all the random holidays people have invented; for example, friday was "coast guard day." My apologies to any of my friends who may be in the coast guard whom I did not personally congratulate on friday. I did get to go on the plant truck though, which was pretty exciting. Probably only because I have been working myself up to GO ON THE PLANT TRUCK all summer! I also read a huge selection of books on house plants (and pretty much all plants. trees. lawns. gardens.) and I think I have learned how to successfully diagnose overwatering, underwatering, and salt damage.

Mom went back to the doctor Friday and they had the test results back from surgery. It wasn't great news--there was actually more cancer in her than they thought. They thought it was only on one side, but it had actually been on both sides. Also, two of the three lymph nodes they first thought were clear of cancer turned out to actually have cancer in them. Nobody has really said what this means in terms of maybe having surgery again or the possibility of radiation or chemo or some combination of all of those things. Mom is feeling better though, and she came shopping on Saturday --briefly--(but who can resist no sales tax day) and went to church with us this morning, so thank God that she is recovering so well!! (and I think she'll take a nap this afternoon.)


  1. We miss you too. But we went to people's houses after both church services yesterday, and got invited to someone's house for Sunday dinner next week. We must look interesting, or lonely, or hungry.

  2. Did you know that Friday was Sister's Day? So I know what you mean with all the made-up holidays. I'm praying for your mom and family.

    Andrea DJ~

  3. no sales tax day??? what? You should come to Oregon where no sales tax day is everyday. its like having an eternal holiday.

    Love yah!


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