Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pops Concert

Finally Friday's over! We had the pops concert at night, and I got to dress up like the 30' was quite the untertaking--I'm not really sure how anyone would make their hair look that way every morning. Obviously they never slept in. Anyway, someone else's camera has the pictures. This one is of my roommate, me, and our friend Rina. Who is actually a girl with lots of mascara on her eyebrows and face in general.

The rest of this weekend looks like it will include lots of homework. And cold rain. But I'm going home on Sunday!! Holly got her wisdom teeth out and apparently she is even more swollen and bored and sick of soft food than the last time I saw her...


  1. thegeniusboy057:01 pm

    The swinging 30s were no match for



    But the Violins sounded better than us :)

  2. Love the picture! Pictures are (almost) always good!!!!!
    Feed Holly some pistacio pudding or something for me. And say hi to Love (and like I said, pictures are almost always good).


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