Friday, March 09, 2007

The Ways We Miss You!!

Hey Ang!! We miss you a LOT!!!

There was room for you in the pillows! We had to steal the ones from Janna and Rina's room. I febreezed them and it was sort of like sitting next to a wet cat. a little gross.

We had to take a nap without you.

Someone pulled the sticker off my mailbox!! WHO DOES THAT?? Those girls just laughed at me.. i think you would have given me a hug. okay that's a bit idealistic, you probably would have laughed at me too.

There's room for you in the practice room!!
I have to go to lab... come back from paris and email me!


  1. awww, I really really really miss you too. I thought about you a lot in you were in Iowa, and how much that must suck :) and how much I wished you were with me in Paris!!! Anyhow, I like how next to my blog link you wrote, don't get excited. Well, there is soooo much to write about and I took 190 pictures this weekend, but NO TIME!!! anyhow, I promise I'll write this week, something anyhow. I love the pictures, especially your face in the first one!! And I would have laughed and given you a hug when your mailbox sticker was stolen...okay, much love, me

  2. karla!!1:22 pm

    Angela! you went to Paris? i didn't know that! well i'm excited you see those 190 pictures. well... i''m going to the library believe it or not... okay... later... love

  3. Post pictures of tour!

  4. Yeah, ditto! We need to see that beautiful day at the coast with you silly girls twirling on the beach!


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