Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reasons To Go Back To Oregon:

One of my favorite stops on spring break's orchestra/band tour was Salem. (I'll blog about my other favorite stop next, don't worry Hannah). I got to visit a friend who transferred back to college in Oregon at Christmas. It was great to hang out with her -- and her campus was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Exibit a) me smelling a tree. They had these all over the place!!


b) Angela wasn't there!! But apparently someone else loves her too, because they had already written up the beach before we got there. Next time, Ang.

c) The coast! It was sunny and warm (and march!) -- beautiful seems like too cheap of a word. We sat on a wall for a long time eating salt water taffy and letting the sun dry our jeans off... I got a little wet...and just staring at the water. I wanted to keep the colors.

d) This isn't really a reason to go back. Clam chowder? Not that good. Although we did get the best table in the restaurant and the rest of the girls got a kick out of my aversion to sea food.

I have so many more pictures!!! It will only let me post 4... 

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