Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clean-up, Clean-up

You know the song -- "clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up clean up, everybody do your share." No? It's Barney. Come on mom. Maybe this video will refresh your memory.

I heard from his mama that this is Tobias's first song! Except that he sings "Keem-up keem-up, body, share." Close enough for a little human. I'm waiting for her to share a video of this on her blog :)

When we bought our house, one of the things we said to eachother was WOW, it's so much cleaner than all the other houses we looked at! And then we moved in and wondered why our feet and socks were turning black. We don't know who rented this house before we bought it, but I can tell you that they were not moppers. Also, the amount of oil/grime adhered to the kitchen cabinets seems to indicate that they were frequent deep fat fryers. Chronic, if you will.

Look carefully at the 2 tiles above my feet. Notice anything?

Notice anything now?

What about ... now?

Answer: one is pre-Heather and one is post-Heather. It took me one of those jumbo-toothbrush looking scrubbers, a bucket of aromatherapy lysol, and a beach towel to turn the kitchen and dining room tile back to their correct color. It was a soothing kind of frantic scrubbing at first with the lysol smell and the scrubby noises, and the trail of clean tile was motivating. After three hours, I was nearing the end and had irritated my ulnar nerve in my palm. Like hitting your funny bone, except it starts in your hand and shoots up to your elbow every time you scrub. Or try to grab something. Or lean on that arm. I woke up in the middle of the night to pain -- both of my forearms were aching and cramping, and I felt like one of my patients.

Three hours, I am not making this up. I think Jon was fishing. I took a break, but I coudn't quit looking at the last dirty tiles so I went back and cleaned them. I also cleaned the toe kick which, not surprisingly, looked as if it had been deep fat fried. We are now a clean-foot white-sock family once again.

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