Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet the newest Vroom

We got a kitten! Her name is Millie. See how small she is?? She just turned 12 weeks old.

Oh, and this is the table for our deck that Jon built in two hours. Seriously, I came home from getting this done to my hair ... 

...and he had finished.

Plenty of room for guests ... ahem.

We got her from the humane society. Right now she wants us to watch her all the time, and she meows loudly when we go in the house and leave her playing in the garage. Still waiting for her to realize that we both have other things to do with our lives besides watch her constantly (although wouldn't that be fun!)


  1. She's very cute!

  2. Millie will help you prepare for future children whom you'll HAVE to watch constantly!!! That is a nice table Jon made and in 2 hours, WOW.


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