Saturday, October 06, 2012

One Month of Less: Day 6: Make a Cleaning Schedule

For one month, I'm doing one thing a day that is a step towards a simpler way of living -- more organized, more stewardly, more focused. Today's project was making a cleaning schedule.

I live on lists. If I can plan ahead, color coordinate, use a pretty font, and cross things off when they are done, my success rate goes up.

The thing I hate about keeping a house clean is when you think you can go a little longer without cleaning, pretending there is no problem, but eventually every surface in the house needs to be cleaned. At once. Simultaneously, every item of clothing suitable to be worn in public needs to be washed.

I seem to have similar issues, including trying to buy all my Christmas gifts after December 15, waiting too long on a road trip to declare that I'm going to need to pee soon, packing a lunch of lucky charms and soup crackers because I just hate grocery shopping, or staying up late watching multiple episodes of Dance Moms on hulu and honestly believing that no time is passing and I will not be tired in the morning. I think I have a problem. It has been named procrastination.

The schedule includes tasks to do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. By embracing "a little at a time" housework instead of letting it accumulate and take over uncomfortable amounts of my Saturdays, I'm hoping to feel like I NEVER do housework as opposed to I'm ALWAYS doing housework.

Right now I don't have a house, so that made this project a little easier. I'll update later once I've actually tested the schedule.


1 comment:

  1. Haha. Here's mine:

    Every 2-6 hours:
    -clean high chair
    -sweep kitchen, especially under high chair
    -clean accessible parts of countertop. Attempt to clear off other parts.

    -Consolidate clean laundry that needs to be put away into 1 basket, so I can use the other baskets for actually doing laundry
    -do laundry
    -Put toys in correct bins

    Every 2-4 days:

    When parents visit:
    -Deep clean and organize pantry
    -Fix things
    -Build things

    Your list is pretty good. I should make one that works for a house with kids! Good idea. I get excited to see what you do each day.


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