Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bubblers and Deck Undersides

"Spring." Such a tease. Here's a pretty picture to make up for the gloom and mud in the rest of this post:

We topped out around 45 degrees today and are about halfway through a 12-day stretch of rain. Well, I'm hoping it ends after 12 days! My forecast only goes out until Thursday. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain.

I had this weekend off (yay!) and we were hoping to do some landscaping around the front and side of the house, as well as till up some space in the back yard and set up the raised beds. You know, the standard begin-more-than-you-can-finish weekend. Our yard is much to waterlogged to till anything, so today's projects ended up being much less glamorous or exciting.


Remember all the black hoses in this post? 

We started burying them. Jon was the trencher and I was just a spectator.

I told you ... unglamorous. The first half of the trench was sand, and dug really quickly. The second half was clay and took a lot more muscle (according to report). The green plastic thing at the end of the mud trail is the bubbler, and it pops up to let water drain out when the sump pump runs. I didn't know these existed, but it seems like a better option than what was there before!

We have 2 more of these to install. Maybe next weekend. Someday when we have grass, they should blend in a little better.

Speaking of "when we have grass," check this picture out:

That's the back yard taken from an upstairs bedroom. Clearly the lawn section at Lowe's is going to be a frequented destination this summer.

Jon finished up today working on the deck. He has an aversion to deck undersides, and wanted to cover it all up.

Deck Underbelly:



The previous owners left a pile of cedar fence boards, which came in handy for this project. I'm happy because it was free! Jon is happy because he no longer can see under the deck! Millie is unhappy because she can't hide under there in the mud, but she moved on to other activities:

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  1. hahahah millie on the fence makes this post.


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