Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stitch Fix Reveal 1

April 16 was Stitch Fix day! It was almost like Christmas -- I love getting mail! For those of you who don't know about Stitch Fix, check out my previous post here

Basically, you fill out a profile describing your size, style, and price range, and a stylist picks out 5 articles of clothing they think would be good for you. The clothes come in the mail, and you can try them on at home and see how they work with what you already have in your closet. You have three days to pick out what you would like to buy, and mail the rest back in a postage paid envelope. It costs $20 up front, and if you buy something from the box you get a $20 credit. It's like a security deposit; if you don't buy anything, you don't get it back.

Here was my first item: Coral Capri Leggings:

I loved these until they were on my body .. and then they were about 4" too small around my hips. In the picture below, they're not zipped (side zipper). 

Polka Dot Sleeveless Top:

Cute! I liked the cut, the sleeve detail, and a cute little pleat in the back. The shirt also looked good with skinny jeans, tucked into a pencil skirt, and with my imaginary blazer that I still have to buy.

Lace Stripe Sleeveless Shirt and White/Navy/Orange Necklace

This shirt had a tie-front bottom that I really didn't like. The dangling knot was just distracting. It was also $78, which for a sleeveless shirt is wayyyyy too much money for me.

I also liked the necklace, and will look for a $10 version at Forever21 or somewhere similar.

Striped Jersey Dress

Ugh. I knew I would hate this as soon as I saw the length. Cut right below the knee is so unflattering on me. I wished it was a maxi dress, but then I also didn't like shape I look wearing the rope waist. Or, the non-shape I look. Jon's comment was: "You look old." Return.

I ended up keeping the polka dot shirt, because
a) I loved it! Comfortable, cute pattern, not too trendy
b) Flexible: wear it with jeans or a skirt, alone in the summer or with a cardigan/blazer in other seasons

Another cool thing:
The tag suggests ways to wear it!

Overall Impression:

It was really fun to get a box of clothes in the mail! I wanted to know what a stylist thought I would like. There was not as much color in the box as I would usually buy, but I liked 4 of the 5 pieces. Maybe I am a strange size, but the leggings were small, the dress was big, and the polka dot shirt is actually a little big as well. I asked about a size exchange and they didn't have a smaller size available with that one. Overall, the clothes were pricier than I would usually pay since I am a sale expert! However, an extra $20 bucks might be worth not spending my Saturday at the mall.

I think Stitch Fix is right for people who:

1. Love clothes
2. Love getting mail
3. Live far away from shopping
4. Hate going to stores or never have time to shop
5. Have trouble picking clothes out for themselves
6. Aren't mainly concerned with shopping sales 

If you want to try your own Stitch Fix, sign up using this link:

And help me get a $25 credit :)

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  1. The polka dot shirt is really cute!


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