Friday, May 31, 2013


This was my first week back at work after our one-week vacation to Cozumel, Mexico. Yes, unfortunately we had to come back. I ran out of PTO.

May was a big month for us this year: Jon finished his first year of law school, it's been one year since I finished grad school, and the 15th marked our 3 year wedding anniversary. Worth celebrating! (On the beach!)

We went with four other couples, none of who we really knew very well. I'm good friends with one girl, (Kristina, the one in the blue dress), know 2 of the other girls from work, and the 5th couple are friends of friends. Don't mind my broken leg in this picture.

Jon and I were SPF power couple.

We had hot weather, went sailing, saw rays, sea turtles, and a shark while snorkeling, ate a lotttttt of guacamole, and watched some beautiful sunsets over the water.

After a week, we were ready to come home ... just maybe not ready to go back to work. Jon started his internship right after Memorial Day, which seems to be a welcome break from classes.

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