Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Window Shopping

Jon's working at an internship this summer, so we've been re-doing our budget. I'm doing my research crashed on the couch watching Dave Ramsey videos on youtube. Unfortunately I only got through the first 3 classes before youtube removed the videos for copyright infringement.

This year, we've been more intentional regarding our finances. I've written before about following some general money-saving strategies, our envelope budgeting "system", and our goal to pay off my highest interest student loan. The hardest part for me so far has been this: shopping less.

I'm a very good shopper.

For the rest of you who may have a little more wiggle room in your budget, and perhaps room in your closet, here's some of my favorite finds lately (which I will not be buying). I promised Jon I would not buy any clothes this summer. Any. Clothes.

C. Luce White Striped Pencil Skirt
Hazel & Olive, $19.99

Breckelle's Suede Leopard Flats
Lucky 21, $12.99

Multi Color Cascade Earrings
Lucky 21, $5.99

Just The Way You Are Maxi Dress - Lemonade

Leather Coin Purse - Mint Sandstone

That's enough window shopping for me, I'm cutting myself off. 

1 comment:

  1. Maybe we can go shopping for me when I come. I'll have to think about what I could use. Shoes, but I might break down and buy some before August.


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