Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dipped Flower Pot Tutorial (Without Dipping)

We're having a long, cool spring in Indiana. It's front porch weather, and I've been drinking a lot of sun tea and brainstorming ways to make our front porch prettier.

I was inspired by this bowl from Target:
As well as this project over at

For this project I needed: pots (mine were plastic), potting soil and flowers, paint, and masking tape/newspaper.

First, tape off your pots to get a nice clean line so they look dipped.

Spray as directed. I used a Valspar interior spray paint, and finished it off with an exterior clear coat. 

Peel off the tape and paper, and let the paint cure before you do any potting. Drill a hole in the bottom of your pot if there isn't one already.


And show them off.

I took these pictures as a rainstorm was rolling in; they're a little shinier in real life, sort of like the kick plate on that storm door that I hate.

I also painted the front door this weekend! Still waiting for the paint to cure and then I'll put up pictures.

Update: Check out my painted front door HERE. Spoiler alert ... all the daisies died.

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  1. super cute!! i miss your front porch loving...all i have is a balcony that over looks a parking lot :(

    1. We drank so much iced tea on the Omaha porch! I hope the new owner likes it.

  2. They're great!

    I need to you be a consultant sometime for decorating my small's pretty boring.

    1. Hmm, my small bathroom is painted tan with a tan rug. I think I need some inspiration!


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