Friday, August 09, 2013

Tips for Junk Drawer Organization

We moved in half a year ago and this empty drawer has slowly been collecting things. After a few months of accumulation, it was clear that a junk drawer was forming. I think as long as you only have one, you are okay.

Mine needed to be organized. Here's the before (after I removed a tennis ball for Millie):

And after:

See how I saved room for future junk with the empty slot?? I didn't know what to put there. I guess I have not collected enough.

 Here is my strategy for organizing the junk drawer:
  1. Purge. A large amount of stuff in the junk drawer was indeed junk. Test all your pens. Throw away receipts and post it notes that you can't remember why you are saving. 
  2. Sort. Several items in the junk drawer actually had a home somewhere else. I'm talking to you, golf ball, ear buds, change, command hooks ... Sort remaining items into groups.
  3. Divide. Use a drawer divider or set of small trays to group like-junk together and keep your box tops for education from taking over the entire drawer. I got my clear acrylic divider on sale from The Container Store (link to a similar product because I can't find my exact one back.) If you don't want to buy something, check out this post where the author uses household items to organize her drawer, including pretty bowls and an ice cube tray.
    4. Use closed storage for your loner junk. The peppermint box has my pile of paint chips in it as well  as a couple of items that were ugly or didn't sort well into families. I didn't want to look at it.

So much better! We'll see how it holds up.

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