Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Orchard Outing

I want to live somewhere that has this weather 75% of the year. It's dry and sunny and 65 degrees, without any wind. This weekend we took an afternoon at the County Line Orchard with some friends. Apparently the rest of the state line area also decided to take the afternoon ... It was packed!!

Jon refused to take a picture by this sign, because "they spelled it wrong." We didn't take home any Jonathon apples because they tasted bland, but we did end up with a bag full of McIntosh, Gala, and Jubilee Fiji. I think I have enough to make 2 pies.

Besides picking apples, we drank hot apple cider, ate apple pie with ice cream, and sampled various dips and spreads. OH. And ate pumpkin donuts. There were hundreds and hundreds of people at the orchard, and you could smell the donuts from way out in the field where we parked. It was out of control delicious.

Now I am even more excited for the apple trees in our (barren) backyard to get big enough to have apples! I planted a Honeycrisp and a Pixie Crunch back there this spring, and there are two small mystery trees planted by the previous owners. One mystery tree bore a single miniature apple this summer, and the other did nothing. According to Gurney's, where I bought my apple trees, the Pixie Crunch apple is a similar texture to Honeycrisp but with a sweeter flavor. Honeycrisp 2.0. Thankyou, scientists.


  1. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Aaah, sounds like a great afternoon! McIntosh (Dad's favorites) and Honeycrisp (we got some from the Goedharts this fall, they are wonderful!). -Mom

    1. I hadn't eaten a McIntosh apple since I lived at home! I never see them in the stores. When I buy sugar and make the pies I'll report back :)


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