Saturday, April 20, 2013

Curb Appeal: Building a Landscaping Wall

We've been busy! Indiana had some beautiful spring weather last weekend, so we finally got outside and made some satisfying progress with the landscaping in front of our house.

To review, here's where we started:

Prominent features include plastic edging, plastic drainage hoses, and predictable plants.

After some dreaming and some trenching to bury gutters, we bought some landscaping rock from Menard's and got busy. Jon probably wants me to leave out the Menard's part, but they were having a paver sale and it was perfect timing.

The color of the block ties in nicely with the color of the stone on the front of our house. Jon did all the work: I just handed him blocks.

The best part is, all the plants we used were scattered around the yard already! We just dug them up and organized them.

The plants in this last pictures got dug up and spread out, and I bought a few plants online to fill in with some color. They ended up being really cheap and reallllly small. Here's hoping that next year things fill out!

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