Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blue Front Door

Remember a long time ago when I painted these flower pots? Well that was June. I painted the front door that same day and never got around to taking pictures.

curb appeal front porch rocking chair potted flowers

We painted our first house's front door yellow. This time we picked blue! 

increase curb appeal choose a door color

It's pretty bright up close, but not as bright as the above picture looks. From the street and behind the storm door, it's not as strong.

increase curb appeal with a colorful front porch

All the daisies died, but the red begonias still look great!

chandelier entry with painted front door

I really hate the shape of our door, and I thought a coat of paint might make me hate it less. Maybe my dislike has decreased to a "somewhat dislike." We kept the inside of the door white, because I didn't want all blue all the time. The more I live with the color, the more I wish I had spent more time finding something slightly ... better?

Check out some of my favorite front doors of all time:

Maybe next summer I'll put some ferns and lanterns out front.

wooden dutch door
Have a good weekend!! I'm looking forward to family visiting this coming week and am thrilled to take a few days off of work!


  1. Your favorite doors are all wonderful! Do you have any plans on changing your doors into any of these? Anyway, I'm sure that, when you find the color that will satisfy your senses, you'll learn to appreciate the door that you have.

    1. We have a lot of house projects we'd like to tackle before spending money on a new front door, but my husband has talked vaguely about building a #3 style door. Maybe someday!

  2. Anonymous4:01 pm

    I really like the color you chose. :)


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