Monday, August 12, 2013

Stitch Fix Reveal: 2

I love shopping + I have no time + I love mail = Stitch fix believer.

If you've never heard of Stitch fix before, here's a summary:

How do they know what I want?
On their website, fill out information describing your personal style (they give you pictures to choose from), sizing, and price range. Add any special requests for your personal stylist. Pick a date you would like your 5 hand-picked items to arrive at your house. 

How do I know what I want?
Take 3 days to try them on with things in your closet and think about it. 
How much does it cost to try it?
If you don't buy anything from the box, you will be charged a $20 processing fee. (You actually pay this as a "down payment" when they ship your box, and use it as a $20 credit towards anything you buy).
What do I do with the clothes I don't want?
Drop them in the provided postage paid, addressed shipping envelope and stuff it in your mailbox. 
Easy! Here's what they sent me this time.

1. Burgundy exposed-seams shirt and gold honeycomb necklace. The shirt was super comfortable but I didn't think the exposed seams would look very nice after washing. I sent it back.

Burgundy exposed-seams shirt and gold honeycomb necklace

2. Feathery-print pleated chiffon button up. Love! Never seen anything like it. It fit very comfortably and looked good with jeans. I kept it. Oh, and I kept the necklace too.

Feathery-print pleated chiffon button up

3. Gold chain-trimmed tanktop. I kept this one for layering. The material felt high-quality, and the cut didn't accentuate any muffin top.

Gold chain-trimmed tanktop

4. Colorblocked floral shirt. Too much going on. I thought I would be sick of this shirt by spring, so I sent it back.

Colorblocked floral shirt

Colorblocked floral shirt

I've written before about Stitch fix before, here, and here

If you'd like to try it, you can sign up using my referral link below. I get $25 if you do!

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